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Company established in October, 1982 started with business of setting up security surveillance system and CCTV system engineering projects. In 1994 for expansion, company started running agency business, importing and selling the reed switches and electronic components and parts. For years, company has accumulated the technical and professional experience in reed switches, float switches, proximity sensors and the applications thereof, and already got remarkable reputation in domestic and foreign market. Company feels always proud as result of good products, staff personality and performance. Our products can be applicable to telephones, reed relays, liquid level sensors, telecom, security system, automation, white goods, sporting goods, etc. of the consumer electronic products, they all require hi-quality and reliability. Company keeps consulting with customers about their satisfaction which is what company pays mostly concerned and stands on it. This policy is also taken as target by every department. Every staff member can all fulfill the duty, feel proud to each other, so that company does likewise and insists the meaning of “Enterprise Sustainable Management”.。
The high tech is changing and progressing everyday. In the speedy changing environment what company shall do is extending the antenna of taking up new knowledge, to have the professional technique be firmly, so that company can render the perfect service to customers. We believe that every customer and subcontractor have noticed it. Often the successful result is not easy to reach. Company expects from all the staff member can keep doing the good tradition and create good future as well, aiming at increasing intelligence and elegance for the coming new age, for more and more brilliant information electronic industry.

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