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Product description


Application range

Product parameters

Part NoFittingMaterialStem LengthFloat ODElectrical parametersLevel Control Point
GMF-45SIM10*1.5SUS30445mm27mm50W, 200Vdc, 0.7ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-80SLM10*1.5             HorizontalSUS30480mm27mm50W, 200Vdc, 0.7ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-125SIM10*1.5SUS304125mm27mm50W, 200Vdc, 0.7ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-VHSM10*1.5               HorizontalSUS30497.2mm55.4mm50W, 200Vdc, 0.7ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-53SIM10*1.5SUS30436.8mm17mm50W,   200Vdc, 0.7ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-71SIM10*1.5SUS30471mm25mm50W,   200Vdc, 0.7ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-135SIM10*1.5SUS304135mm28mm70W,   350Vdc, 0.7ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-180SIM10*1.5SUS304180mm28mm70W,   300Vdc, 0.7ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-118SIM10*1.5SUS304118mm25mm10W,   100Vdc, 0.5ANO、NC、Float Reversible
GMF-245SIM10*1.5SUS304245mm28mm10W,   100Vdc, 0.5ANO、NC、Float Reversible

Remark:1.All Products are RoHS, REACH, FDA compliant. All raw material are UL approved.

  •        2. Above are all standard products.

  •        3."NO" means normally open,"NC" means normally closed;SPDT is single-pole double-throw,means change-over.

  •        4.“Level Control Point:  When thread is upwards, "NO" means the Float Switch is switching ON while float moves up; "NC" means the Float Switch is switching ON while float moves down. "Float Reversible" means the original Level Control Point "NO" can be changed "NC" while reverses the float.  "Multiple" means  2 or more Level Control Points.  

  •        5.Customized products are available. Please feel free to click "contact us" for better solution.