NC Type HV - Manufacturing Proximity switch and Fluid level sensor
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NC Type HV

Product description


Application range

1. 常闭型高压继电器 2. 额定功率50W 3. 开关电压可达5KV, 7.5KV 4. 崩溃电压可达7KV, 10KV 5. 有4Pin腳插板, 及侧面出线两种出线方式可供选择 6. 产品原装进口,品质可靠。

Product parameters

Part NoContact FormRated Coil VoltageMountingSwitching VoltageBreakdown VoltageSwitching PowerSwitching Current
K-551BNC12/24 VdcSide OutletMax.5,000VdcMax.7,500VdcMax 50W Max 2A
K-552BNC12/24 VdcSide OutletMax.7,500VdcMax.10,000VdcMax 50W Max 2A
K-561BNC12/24 Vdc4 pinsMax.5,000VdcMax.7,500VdcMax 50W Max 2A
K-562BNC12/24 Vdc4 pinsMax.7,500VdcMax.10,000VdcMax 50W Max 2A

  • 1.All Products are RoHS, REACH, FDA compliant. All raw material are UL approved.

  • 2. Above are all standard products.

  • 3."NO" means normally open,"NC" means normally closed;SPDT is single-pole double-throw,means change-over.

  • 4.Customized products are available. Please feel free to click "contact us" for better solution.