GPS-01-D - Cylindrical - Manufacturing Proximity switch and Fluid level sensor
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GPS-01-DProduct characteristics


Product Figure



Casing Shape Material Casing Length Casing Diameter Wire Length Terminal
Cylindrical PBT 25mm 6mm 350mm(Can be Customized) Without
(Can be Customized)

Key Electrical Parameters

Contact Form Max Power Rating Max Switching Voltage Max Switching Current Certification Operating Temperature Remark
NO 10 W 100 Vdc 0.5 A RoHS, REACH,
0~80°C Standard
50 W 200Vdc 1  A 0~80°C Can be Customized
SPTD 5W 175Vdc 0.4A 0~80°C Can be Customized


  • 1."NO" means normally open,"NC" means normally closed;SPDT is single-pole double-throw,means change-over.
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