HSI - Manufacturing Proximity switch and Fluid level sensor
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Product description


Application range

Product parameters

Part NoBrandContact FormGlass Tube LengthElectrical parametersOrigin
HSR-910WHSI NO49.78mm50W, 4000-6000Vdc,3AAmerica
HSR-834WHSI SPDT32.26mm100W, 500Vdc,3AAmerica
HSR-634WHSI SPDT32.89mm100W, 120Vdc,3AAmerica
HSR-520RHSI SPDT14.73mm3W,120Vdc, 0.25AAmerica
HSR-502RHSI SPDT7.75mm2W, 30Vdc, 0.1AAmerica
HSR-134WHSI NO31.37mm100W, 120Vdc, 3AAmerica
HSR-0035RHSI NO4.83mm1W, 30Vdc, 0.05AAmerica
HSR-0025RHSI NO4.06mm0.5W, 30Vdc, 0.01AAmerica

1."NO" means normally open,"NC" means normally closed;SPDT is single-pole double-throw,means change-over.     

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