Standard - Manufacturing Proximity switch and Fluid level sensor
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Product description


Application range

Product parameters

Part NoBrandContact FormGlass Tube LengthElectrical parametersOrigin
MKA10110RMCIPNO10.0mmMax. 10W, 100Vdc,   0.5ARussia
MKA14103RMCIPNO14.2mmMax. 10W, 100Vdc,   0.5ARussia
MKA16101RMCIPNO16.5mmMax. 10W, 100Vdc,   0.5ARussia
MG14RMCIPNO14.2mmMax. 10W, 100Vdc,   0.5ARussia
ORD324OKINO14.0mmMax. 10W, 100Vdc,   0.5AJapan
GP501StandexmederNO12.7mmMax. 10W, 100Vdc,   0.5AEngland
TS501StandexmederNO12.7mmMax. 10W, 140VAC,  0.5AEngland

1."NO" means normally open,"NC" means normally closed;SPDT is single-pole double-throw,means change-over.     

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